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rank_my_journal's Journal

Tournament of Journals
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This community is a 16-Journal tournament. To enter, see below.


1. The Journals will be randomly placed against each other. Voting for each round will last either 1 or 2 weeks.

2. You may enter yourself, but it would be MUCH better if you send me an email stating who you want to enter.

3. Since this is an open membership community, voting will take place in the posts by the members. Anyone may nominate. Anyone may vote.

4. Communities are not welcome.

5. When you vote, please vote based on quality of posts, clarity, ease of reading, and aesthetic value (how pretty it is). PLEASE don't just vote on who you like more, or who has the better layout. Someone may have the best layout, but be extremely ignorant or shallow.

6. ANY comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome, whether through email or by posting on the community.

7. NO switch nominating. (Ex. User A nominates User B, and User B nominates User A).


Since I'm artistically retarded, and I don't have Paypal, I'm still kind of stuck on the Prize. I'm thinking LJ codes.

Please, above all, have fun.

If you are looking for a REVIEW community, please check into reality_review or reviewme Both are great review communities. Only go to Reality Review if you feel you can handle harsh criticism.
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